Personal Wellness Coaching

Most of us are living hectic lives, juggle many plates at once, and feel constantly stressed.

I can’t gift you more hours in the day (wouldn’t that be great!) but what I can help you with is supporting you with ways to improve your emotional wellbeing through personal wellness coaching.

Coaching isn’t just about business goals – the discipline can be invaluable towards achieving personal wellness goals, too.

Personal wellness goals could include:

  • Relieving stress
  • Improving your emotional resilience
  • Banishing self-limiting beliefs
  • Feeling comfortable in your own skin
  • Living a healthier lifestyle
  • Getting more active
  • Utilising that gym membership you pay for but never use
  • …and anything else that helps you fulfil your potential and live a happier, healthier life.

Please note I am a trained coach, not a personal trainer or nutritionist. I can guide you towards improving your wellbeing in a way that feels manageable and doable for you. Most importantly, through owning your own goals and action plan you have more chance of achieving them and sustaining long-term change – no quick fixes here!

In addition to my professional coaching qualification, I bring to a coaching relationship empathy from my own battles with being kinder to myself after my brush with death, and the death of my son.

I understand that making changes to your lifestyle, and most crucially the way you think, can be challenging – but it can be done.

To find out more about how coaching works, please visit my Coaching page.

If you would like coaching support to improve your personal wellbeing, please get in touch.

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