What people have to say about working with me, and about the work I have produced:

Leigh’s writing is not only emotional and thought-provoking but she has this excellent ability to make me sob one minute and then laugh the next. She has endured so much after losing Hugo, but his legacy, and the work that Leigh has done in order to raise awareness of HELLP, has been mind-blowing.

A brilliant writer, her honest insight into the reality of living with grief, allows others to feel less alone, hugely comforted by her words, and more able to ask for the help and support they need and deserve both from those close to them but also front of line staff in the medical profession.

Her blogs have me in tears for both sadness and happiness that she is able to share what she is going through giving so much love, support and hope to others.

Leigh speaks for many mothers, many of whom are seldom heard. That mum with a very premature baby, that mum who has a potentially deadly pregnancy and birth complication, that mum who leaves the NICU with empty arms.

But Leigh also speaks for all mothers, she speaks about kindness and self care, about style and creativity.

Leigh has a unique voice and ability to connect with mothers from all walks of life in all situations.

I wonder sometimes how she does it, just a picture on Instagram will sum up her feelings and thoughts, other times an insightful and thought provoking piece on her blog.