Creativity for Individuals

We grown-ups can sometimes forget the value of being creative. We can be so busy being sensible we think we don’t have time for creativity – or simply think it is a waste of time. Or, if we do acknowledge its value we can be afraid to pursue our creative instincts for fear of doing it ‘wrong’ or looking silly.

Everyone has creativity within them, and I believe that exploring your creative side can help you live a full, positive life and build emotional resilience.

Not convinced? You may have heard of the growth of colouring books for grown-ups, or the wealth of crafting courses that are available.

You’ve heard the saying “You can’t pour from an empty cup – look after yourself first”? Everyone needs a bit of self-care in their lives, and indulging in a bit of creativity can help reduce stress by letting your brain switch off for a while, therefore helping build resilience against all the things that life can throw at you.

Being creative can also help guide and open your mind towards achieving your goals by helping you think differently, such as with bullet journalling.

Often people say they “I would like to be creative, I just don’t know where to start”. If this sounds familiar, get in touch to have an informal chat. I can create an bespoke package based on your needs, and if you are interested we can discuss integrating a plan with a coaching programme, too.

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