How Can Coaching Help Me?

Everything you always wanted to know about coaching, but were afraid to ask…

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What is Coaching?

Coaching is a process during which a coach supports a client (usually known as a coachee) towards identifying and achieving their personal or professional goal.

The concept behind coaching is that the coachee already has the answers they seek. One of the things I love most about being a coach is supporting a coachee to peel off the layers of an issue, find their own answers and devise their own actions towards attaining their goal.

I never tire of seeing that ‘penny drop’ moment!

It’s important to note at this point what coaching is not. Coaching is sometimes used interchangeably with mentoring and counselling, but they are different disciplines.

Mentoring usually involves the mentor having specialist knowledge in a particular area to impart to the person being mentored – in a nutshell, asking for and giving advice. This is different to coaching because coaching is about helping guide the coachee to their own answers, not telling them what they should do.

Counselling requires a level of clinical skill and expertise to help the person receiving counselling address issues from their past. That is not to suggest during coaching we ignore a person’s past experiences (your experiences are what make you, you after all!). During coaching we will take account of the coachee’s past experiences where appropriate, but focus on the future.

What Will I Gain From Coaching?

The potential of coaching is massive, and the possibilities are infinite!

Coaching can be used to help you find direction in your personal or professional life, to resolve a personal or professional issue, or overcome a life challenge.

The practise of coaching involves helping you take a step away from your regular day-to-day life to help you see the wood for the trees.

The role of the coach is to act as a facilitator, guiding the conversation and asking questions around the GROW model:

Goal – what does the coachee want to achieve?

Reality – where are you now? What is going on in your life at the moment?

Options – what could you do?

Will – what will you do? How will you do that? What might need to be in place to help you to do that?

That means the coachee will do most of the talking during the session. A good coach will actively listen to the coachee during the session reflecting back to them what they have heard to help improve the coachee’s awareness of their reality, options, and will. The coach will also gently challenge the coachee move forward with creative solutions to achieve their goal.

In short, what you will gain from coaching depends on how much you are willing to put in to it.

How Will Coaching Make Me Feel?

Coaching should help you feel empowered, confident, and able to achieve your goals.

Sometimes, taking a step away from day-to-day life to really think and talk about what is going on in your life and where you are going can make you feel a bit emotional. That is fine, and completely understandable. You can also be assured that coaching sessions are completely confidential. On the whole, coaching is a positive experience and helps you to move forward towards a brighter future.

Where Are The Coaching Sessions?

We can carry out coaching sessions face-to-face within the Bedford area.

Coaching sessions are also available via telephone or Skype.

How Much Does Coaching Cost?

If you would like to invest in your future through coaching, please get in touch to arrange a FREE 15 minute consultation.

I offer a free consultation because rapport is vital in any coaching relationship, and we need to know we can work together before we embark on a programme of sessions (and I ask you to part with your hard-earned cash).

A coaching relationship will be time-limited, and a programme will usually last for eight one-hour sessions (the first session proper will be 90 minutes in order to go over paperwork and other formalities).

A block of eight sessions costs £260. If you would prefer, you can pay-as-you-go at a cost of £35 per session.

I hold a Level 7 Certificate in Leadership and Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring.

Payment can be made by bank transfer, PayPal, or cheque.