About Bright in Mind and Spirit


Thank you for visiting Bright in Mind and Spirit The aim of our organisation is to raise healthcare professionals’ awareness of the importance of effective communication with patients – and empower patients to feed back about their experiences. Good communication costs nothing, and can make a world of difference to a patient’s experience. Bright in Mind and Spirit […] Read more…

Advice for neonatal parents


It’s Neonatal Awareness Day on Tuesday September 30, which is a timely opportunity to talk about some of the challenges that parents whose baby is in a neonatal unit face. If someone close to you is one of these mummies or daddies you’ll probably want to know what to do to help them. The emphasis is on […] Read more…

Baby Loss Awareness Month


October is baby loss awareness month. It is a time to raise awareness of the issues surrounding baby loss; to talk openly about baby loss, to help break the taboo; and to remember the babies who we will always love. Please visit the blog – Headspace Perspective for more information.   Read more…

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